Principles of interpretation: An ebook

Principles of interpretation is an ebook, written for beginners and expert alike for those interested in law. Reading laws i.e. bare legislation itself can be tedious. In law an ‘and’ is not always an ‘and’ but can be an ‘or’. ‘Shall’ can be read as ‘may be’ or ‘vice versa or a ‘must be’, depending upon the context. There are many other problems as to how to read a particular text. Reading any text can bring about two meanings, a narrow meaning or a liberal meaning. How to decide when to give liberal meaning and when to give narrow meaning. All such principles are discussed in the ebook.

The book cites precedents and mostly, live source of the judgement relied upon. A must have book for a beginner, a practising lawyer and a student alike.

About Principles of Interpretation:

Principles of interpretation are often not the law but they have force of law. Reading and understanding a legal document requires understanding the principles with which to read the document. An easy example is what if a particular passage is susceptible to two meanings or what if there is no punctuation or if punctuation is there and it changes the meaning. It is said that there is no greater irony than to read anything literally and thus misreading it completely.
This book deals with most of the established principles of interpretation of laws and other legal documents including popular maxims in India, as accepted by the Courts with reference to reported cases and its citations.

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