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Speedy Justice

Delay in seeking relief from courts is frustrating but to seek speedy justice is an art on which we are working everyday to draw a perfect picture.


Commercial banking has it's own legal problems of compliance. We can assist you with solutions.

Consumer Disputes

Consumer Protection Laws are often confusing. We can help you understand it's compliance and solutions.

Business Partner due diligence.

Finding a right business partner is matter of an objective skill. We can help with requisite efforts including analysis of the data and arrive at the correct decision.

Labour and Service Laws

We understand geographies, meaning we understand the underlying peaks and trough to guide you through right compliance of labour and service laws.

Real Estate

Real Estate buying involves something more than payment. It takes legal expertise to assess a legal title and to ensure a right decision after due diligence.

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  • How to make a Will

    This is the self-help book on drafting of Wills:

    1st July 2020
  • Advocates Act, 1961: A Commentary.

    Advocates Act, 1961 governs the legal profession in India. he Act has provisions for entry into profession as well as discipline and exit from profession.

    11th May 2020
  • Law of Limitation in India.

    Every remedy has a time period within which it can be invoked. This is called limitation. Law of Limitation deals with limitation period to start a legal remedy in India: Every remedy has a period of limitation within which it can be invoked. The right to seek relief is extinguished after the period of limitation.

    1st March 2020
  • Company Law in India

    Corporate law in India is no less complex than any other country governed by Anglo Saxon laws. Parliament of India has enacted a new law called Companies Act, 2013 which has consolidated many previous laws into one code. It also recognizes many institutions which were in existence but were not recognized by previous law of

    1st February 2020