The Partition Act, 1893 (Bare Act)


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The Partition Act, 1893

(Bare Act)

Partition Act is a special law in India which confers on the Court, under proper safeguards, a discretionary authority to direct a sale of property where a partition cannot reasonably be made and a sale would, in the opinion of the Court, be more beneficial for the parties. But, having regard to the strong attachment of the people in this country to their landed possession, it is proposed to make the consent of parties interested at least to the extent of a moiety in the property a condition precedent to the exercise by the Court of this new power. In order at the same time prevent any oppressive exercise of this privilege it is proposed to give such of the shareholders as do not desire a sale the right to buy the others out at a valuation to be determined by the Court. The power, moreover, which it is proposed to give to the Court will be discretionary one to be exercised on a consideration of all the circumstances of the case.

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