FYUP: Did UGC defrauded students of DU?

Flip Flop by Delhi University on FYUP!

Delhi University scrapped Four Year Undergraduate Program!

A year back, Delhi University had started B.Tech and BMS Courses as Four Year Undergraduate Program. Now after the program had run one year, if was forced to scrap it. As a compromise the existing students will go on to complete the four-year course and would get their degree. The larger question is what shall be worth of such degree? Presumably nothing.

Delhi University Four Years Under Graduate Program Brochure 2014

Delhi University Four Years Under Graduate Program Brochure 2014

Dictate of UGC under the watch of Government.

Delhi University had started B.Tech and BMS Courses as Four Year Undergraduate Program last year and this year i.e. 2014, it had planned to increase the duration of all its undergraduate courses to four years. The move to scrap all the courses came under the dictate of University Grant Commission which claimed that four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) was in conflict with the National Policy of Education. This policy was first framed in 1968. It was changed and reframed in 1986 and was last amended in 1992. The link provided above is last version of the said policy published in 1998 and is official version of Government. It appears UGC is reading something in Policy which is not there. Let us read what these policies laid down.

1968 Education Policy:

1968 education policy was a small document. Clause 17 is relevant and as under: Continue reading

Comparison : why this compulsive habit?

Compulsive comparison.

Compare means: to examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc.) in order to note similarities and differences: to compare two pieces of cloth; to compare the governments of two nations.

Comparison is defined as:

1. the act of comparing.
2. the state of being compared.
3. a likening; illustration by similitude; comparative estimate or statement.
4. Rhetoric . the considering of two things with regard to some characteristic that is common to both, as the likening of a hero to a lion in courage.
5. capability of being compared or likened.

Now if two objects are before us e.g. two products in a shopping mall, the above definition will squarely apply but what happens when only one product or person is before us? Is that not comparison?


Compare terriers.

Comparison has become compulsive habit. Every time we encounter an object or a person, the mind rushes to the memory to find something to compare with. Why is it so?
Of course in this world where money has been propagated as means of survival and resources are used as means of self propagation, right price can only be determined by comparison. But do we need to analyse every object or person on comparative scale? Continue reading

Nehru Family: Does the truth matter?

Jawahar Lal NehruNehru family: Who are they and upto what?

Last election saw the that ruling Congress Party, a Nehru Family governed (or owned?) political party, though polled 19% votes got less than 10% seats in Parliamentary Elections 2014. While the proprietors of the Party i.e. Nehru Family (now using different surnames) are looking into the causes of such massive loss, I landed on a page about Nehru Family here.

 Nehru family Five generation back:

The story dates back to 1857. The unsuccessful attempt by Indians to over throw the Imperial Government was over and British soldiers were repressing and killing the Mughal Officers. To escape, one Mughal Kotwal (Chief of Police or present day Police Commissioner) along with his family escaped to Agra. Of course on foot and horses or bullock carts as there were no planes or trains or photographs at that time. It is stated that as per records, the name of last Kotwal under King Jafar was Ghiyasuddin Ghazi. So far no controversy. But as per the biography of Jawahar Lal Nehru his grandfather was also a Kotwal in Mughal government in 1857 under the King Bahadur Shah Jafar. He also migrated to Agra with family. Similar facts! But name of this Kotwal was Ganga Dhar. A Hindu!

There are two problems to second story: Continue reading

India Election 2014: Many firsts make it to history.

Election 2014 has many unique features.

Many ‘First’ made in election 2014

Election 2014 results:

Elections in India returned Narendra Modi as it’s 14th Prime Minister. Election 2014 largest adult franchise in the world. 814 Million people participated out of 1.2 billion Indian citizens. Apart from largest electoral process ever, This election had many notabilities such as:

1. Looser and winners were known from the beginning. Result only brought out the Modi wave into open. A first clear majority of a party in last 30 years. See the result depicting the tsunami called Narendra Modi, in election 2014. (See the picture frame above with credit to NDTV).

2. A person who started his career as a tea vendor and a foot soldier in his party became Prime Minister of the country, by choice of people not by manipulation or chance. Continue reading

Secularism: USA may oppose Narendra Modi but USA Supreme Court shares his views.

Secularism: USA, India and Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi in Indian Elections 2014:

Secularism is like Linux. Everyone has his/her own version of secularism.

Elections in India are in progress and shall be over by end of week. Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate of main opposition party BJP has declared that if he does not become next prime minister, he would start vending tea again, the vocation with which he had started his career in life. This reflects confidence of Narendra Modi. BTW if he becomes PM, he would be the only prime minister who could boast such humble past.
The strange thing about this election was that present prime minister hardly, rather did not campaign for his party and his candidature was non issue. In fact entire campaign was centered around Narendra Modi, who intelligently planned and meticulously executed his election campaign covering entire breadth of the country and talking about his plans for development of the country. It was more like a presidential style campaign in USA, but in which no other candidate had that audacity or charisma to display or plan to share. Continue reading

Tinydesk for iphone: review

Blogging by Tinydesk for iPhone

Tinydesk is forum secular blogging app for iPhone. It claims to be able to connect to most of blogging sites like WordPress and blogger etc. but it is not able to connect to self hosted sites. So far I have not been able to find any solution for self hosted site except to post through email or install jet-pack from WordPress.

TinyDesk app for iPhone

Regarding Tinydesk, though it is good enough but often it publishes even when selection is to save as draft. Further if it is a published post (even if uploaded as a draft) it is not able to edit it. Which means once published or saved it is final. The only way to edit such post is either in desktop browser or some other app but not the TinyDesk.

Often a post was saved/uploaded several times. Of course it happens only when we press save several times but why? I do not know.

As it happened, while I was saving this article, it got published with title without any text and thereafter I could not edit it. Still exploring Tinydesk and shall revert if I missed something.

Graphical presentation of TinyDesk app is excellent. It has most of desktop features. It has many qualities. There is a an article by Hamza Khalid about TinyDesk, highlighting many good points of this little app. Click here to read that article  with thanks to Hamza Khalid.

Disconnect between knowledge, education and living

Does formal education help in living?

What is education?

Ability to read and write? Ability to acquire skill? Ability to make a living? Ability to live life without perturbation? What is it?
A graduate or even post-graduate can’t answer this question. I asked many. An educated having acquired a degree in philosophy has no answer of his own. The views crammed in the course of acquiring education are no answers.  Those who have made money or secured it have different answer. That answer is their own dream, disconnected with friends, family, society, ability, skill, qualification, interest or caliber. Education is a justification not to learn or observe. Formal education becomes a requiem to learning and living.

What is knowledge?

Knowledge is a fleeting boom. Continue reading

GPT partition, no bootable disk, Grub error

Grub bootloader not recognised by old Bios.

Installation of grub 2:

Grub 2 was installed on a 500 GB hard disk with separate home and swap partitions. In the beginning a small partition was left with grub_boot flag to be used by grub for booting. The installation was LinuxMint 15 Olivia. The hard disk was partitioned with GPT and had hybrid MBR table as well. The system return the message ‘No bootable disk’ and refused to boot.

An old machine:

This machine was an old 1.4 gz, core 2 duo Intel, of last decade but in surprisingly immaculate condition.

There was no problem in booting from live CD/USB. Continue reading